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At BSAG. Bespoke Seamless Aluminium Guttering SouthWest, you'll find a locally run and owned business in the local area with years of experience. Rest assured,we are both fitters and designers and all the work is carried out by us, not sub-contractors, so you know the quality is going to be high. With very low overheads we know we can deliver a high-quality package at an affordable rate. Get in touch through our booking form – we look forward to hearing from you!

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We approach all our projects with the same commitment and professionalism and we’re proud of our hard-earned reputation for skilled workmanship and attention to detail. Our dedicated team are courteous, approachable and fully up to date with the latest building regulations, ensuring all projects are completed safely and to the same high standards each and every time. If you’ve got a project that needs some attention, then contact us to see how we can help.

Honest, professional services

A new gutter can be a daunting prospect. There are lots of things to consider, and some fitters will charge you a small fortune. Our detailed quotes outline everything that needs to be done, the associated costs, and even give you an idea of how long the work will take. With us you can rest easy, knowing you're paying a fair price for great work.

Cost and protection

Your home is not only your castle, but also your investment in family, lifestyle and revenue. BSAG aim to meet your budget and offers you a service that not only reduces normal costs of plastic and iron, but all fitting included in our pricing structure. Not only the differences in cost, also protection benefits for your home & investment. With a longer life span to that of the norm (plastic & iron) ensures your property / home / investment stays protected for many years longer.


At BSAG we here to offer a new service to the South West. For so many years UK homes have been using plastic and iron for their guttering needs. This has always been the norm. The norm that has proven to be both costly and time consuming. As plastic and iron both need updating, patching and repairing frequently. Thus being charged for patches and fittings, only to see a few months later repairs needed again and again. Paint fading away and being forever repainted. BSAG offer upto 30 years life span and is fitted and made onsite, thus saving costs by not buying it from third parties. BSAG leaves your home looking vibrant and protected throughout years to come. And where the guttering is made on site there are no seams or joins and only one length.

Why Aluminium

Why Aluminium 100% recyclable Strong and light Impermeable, non-toxic and odorless Easy to form Fire proof Good conductivity Esthetically pleasing Highly corrosion resistant Why Aluminium Aluminium is the most durable metal commonly used in architecture and is resistant to all normal atmospheric corrosion agents. It is not susceptible to insect or pest damage and is unaffected by fungi, moss, mould, lichens or bacteria. Under normal atmospheric conditions the factory applied coatings will retain a good appearance for a minimum of 15 years and will not flake, split, peel or crack. Colour changes due to weathering will be uniform along any elevation. After many years’ service the product can be over-painted to restore appearance. No under coats or primers are required. Aluminium is completely unaffected by sunlight and will retain full functionality for the design life of the building. It does not become brittle and prone to splitting in cold conditions. On a weight to strength ratio aluminium is 23 times stronger than PVC and is resistant to damage by impact, breakage, wind and snow loading or weight of ladders. Aluminium’s coefficient of thermal expansion is 0.000026/degc. Seamless gutters secretly fixed at 450mm centres therefore move between fixing points by just 0.108mm per 10degc temperature change. That’s why such long continuous lengths are possible. Finally, in today’s world we have to be more conscious of the environmental impact of our decisions and actions. Aluminium, almost uniquely, is fully, infinitely and economically recyclable and does not contribute to the global waste crisis and poses no environmental hazards.


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